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High-quality fire rated downlights are essential for making your property as fire resistant as possible. To ensure your safety, we stock fire rated downlights from renowned brands with a reputation for reliability and durability, such as KSR Lighting. These include both fixed and tiltable options, and have been fully tested and rated for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for peace of mind or a contractor meeting commercial requirements, our selection of fire rated GU10 and integrated LED downlights lets you improve safety and efficiency in any setting. As well as downlights, you can also choose from fixed and tiltable bezels in a range of finishes to match the style of your property.

How do fire-rated downlights improve fire protection?

In the event of a fire, your ceiling acts as a barrier to slow the spread of flames to a higher floor.

But when you install ceiling lights and downlights, you create a small hole in your ceiling. This puts your upper floors at greater risk.

Unlike other indoor lighting fixtures, fire rated downlights are designed to seal this hole and slow the spread of fire. Modern fire rated downlights even feature a pad that expands when temperatures increase to make your ceiling more fire resistant.

Installing fire rated GU10 or integrated LED downlights protects your residential or commercial property – as well as the people in it – from getting hurt during a fire. The additional time it takes for the fire to spread gives people longer to escape, which could save lives.